The visual dualities that exist between language and medium afford a rare opportunity to nudge the behemoth, barge-like hulk that is personal opinion. Combining humor, cynicism, and sculpture I hope to subvert the conventional connotations of words and/or materials. My greatest, and nearly insurmountable, ambition is to leave the viewer with a slightly skewed perception of something, which they had previously taken as common knowledge.

I hold Aesop, Dr. Seuss, and Shel Silverstein in highest esteem. Masters of metaphor, they have isolated the most compelling aspects of human nature and made them accessible to all ages. Through his anthropomorphic lens, Aesop’s tortoise and hare entertain children while exalting the merits of discipline. Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree”, examines relationships of the selfish and selfless.  In “Horton Hears A Who”, Dr. Seuss generates a sophisticated, existential dialogue with children. I strive to explore similar content with sculpture and a tourettic, filterless, insufferable sense of humor. By extracting the essence of a myth or fable, and use of animal themes I seek to simplify, highlight and impose a reexamination of the philosophical ponderings and moral dilemmas that are the everyday side effects of our uncomfortable relationship with existence.