Happy New Year!

A new years resolution for this mama is to get rid of clutter. In my house I am the biggest pile creating offender, but I do have help. My kids make a lot of drawings. Together they average about a dozen sheets of paper daily. I LOVE their drawings, but there are heaps of them. Since most of the drawings are made in the kitchen, I have a portfolio in my pantry for the keepers. When A&M first started putting pencil to paper I held on to every single doodle, but about a year ago I sorted my collection into three piles – 1) Back in the portfolio for safe keeping 2) Use the backside for future masterpieces and 3) Parrot cage liner (which eventually gets downgraded to kindling for the fire pit. So what can you do with drawings that are not necessarily portfolio worthy, but not yet destined for the cage?  

Paper Diorama Jam-mas!    



While visiting family in the Midwest, Atticus made several drawings with his road trip markers. He had drawn a friend’s trampoline, a couple cars, a swing set, a fort and a rainbow. He started to cut out some of the drawings, which gave me an idea – Paper Diorama Jam-mas! I initiated the process by taping the rainbow to a plain sheet of paper that would serve as the ground plane and leaned the rainbow up against a wall. The plain sheet was on the kitchen floor. I gave him the tape and he set up the rest. He added trees, the sun and a body of water for his creation. He extended the ground to the right because he wanted to add a racetrack with a tape bridge/tunnel. He then added toy cars and we made a short stop-motion video with the IMotion HD app, here it is…    




Watching Atticus get so into this project made me think about paper art and dioramas that I LOVE. Since being introduced to Yuken Teruya’s delicate paper cuts of trees using fast food packaging (www.yukenteruyastudio.com) and going crazy for Lori Nix’s amazing work (www.lorinix.net) I have had diorama aspirations of my own. This past fall, I was in complete awe standing in front of Red Grooms’ “Loft on 26th Street” on view at the Face Value exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC until January 11, 2015. If you are in the DC area that piece alone is worth the trip!  

red grooms 26th

“Loft on 26th Street” (1965) by Red Grooms  

I have started planning my own diorama, which might take a lifetime to complete. Until then, I will help my kids give their drawings a second life…

All the best for 2015!      


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  1. Sandra Tokarski February 13, 2015 at 2:06 pm #

    Lara, Your website is wonderful…your work on all levels an inspiration. Thank you for sending the Stone Cloud Studio update. It is so good to hear from you.
    We miss you here in Bloomington, but I am glad that you are doing so well in NC.
    Blessings to you and your family!


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