Fall Break at the Beach Part II

The beach is such a wonderful place for exploring, making and learning. Todd has been working with Moon to spell her name. This year at the beach she did it all by herself. Drawing in sand and building with it comes so naturally to kids. 

IMG_3987 21

As a kid my dad taught me how to make drip castles, now I get to pass this mysterious and meditative play on to my kids.


Shell hunting never gets old. Talking about their form and function with Atticus and nesting a dozen of clam shells according to size with Moon helps to create tactile memories. Studying a multitude of shells from our morning walks, we talk about what a handful have in common – the spiral. I did not give a lecture on the Golden Section or make them memorize the Fibonacci sequence, but we did talk about the spiral hidden inside the red cabbage I sliced for slaw a week or so ago.


As we dug in the sand to make a moat for yet another castle, I suggested we make a spiral. Everyone was in agreement…


I was way more excited to watch the water rush in then they were,


but we all enjoyed it in our own way.

IMG_3937 IMG_3923

One day I would love to take a family road trip to see Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty in the Great Salt Lake. If your kids are old enough to remember such an adventure there are some great pointers on the Tips for Family Trips website at


Until then we’ll make our homage in the sand.


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