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The Grand Intimate

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New items in the shop.

More mini skyscapes and new trinkets.  Don’t forget to check back, as we’re frequently adding items to the shop.  Order now, and get your item before Christmas.

Mini Skyscape 2sm Mini Skyscape 1 sm 4 trinket tortoise and hare sm 3 trinket group sm

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Rabbit Time-Lapse

Check out our latest video-

Stone Cloud Studio is a title sponsor for the Shut-In Trail Race which is organized annually by Ju’s Running.  The clay rabbit featured in thevideo has been cast in bronze and will be used as the first place award for both women and men.

Rabbit King

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Fluff: the hidden track from my artist statement

To fluffy to be professional, but maybe blog appropriate…

The vacuum of art production (and life for that matter) is akin to the journey of a tiny, lonely asteroid, adrift, long ago unmoored from its belt brethren. Despite the abyss between home and destination I broadcast persistent, if feeble, cricket chirps of self-expression, my beacon to the belt. More often than not, I am answered by a deafening silence that reminds me the only thing lower than a sculptor (according to Elton John) is a potion salesman. Almost invariably I reach the precipice of utter isolation and the urge to go radio silent is abated by subtle affirmation “good one”. This intermittent trickle of approval, failure fed frustration, and the resentment spawned by a mountain of rejection drive me to cast out a few more of my message-filled bottles, that they might reach another if only as a bread crumb on the trail. I carry on, honing my ability to speak as I drift ever nearer the shore of silence.


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Revised Artist Statement

Just revised my artist statement.  It’s been stagnant and stale for years, so I decided to give it some polish.  Still turd-like, but better.  Feel free to tell me what you think (provided you love it).

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Inside the Studio

It’s still a work in progress, but here are the digs..

I’m attached to Riverside Studios in the River Arts District.  Shoot me an email if you’d like to stop by.


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Like any pre-teen girl, Stone Cloud is now on Facebook and Twitter.

While we’re not sure why, we’ve decided not to miss out on any thoroughly trodden corner of the interwebs.

You can check out all our micro-thoughts (as if we had any other kind) on Twitter  @2StoneClouds.

And if that’s not enough (imaginary person reading this) check out our Facebook page at facebook.com/stonecloudstudio

We’re actively trying to keep everyone up to date on all our projects and progress.

Thanks for checking out the new site.

Todd and Lara

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