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Fall Break at the Beach

Last week was fall break, so we headed to the beach!


So there are a couple beach road trip items that are a must for this mama.

1) Magna Doodles – Are awesome on a road trip for practicing writing and reading. Atticus and I will send “notes” back and forth, while Moon cracks herself up with funny portraits of all of us.



2) Face Paint – It’s a fun activity for the front porch or the beach, the sunscreen makes it easier to remove and it gives the kids something to do while resting for a bit in the shade. Let them paint YOUR face, if you dare. Below Moon requested Bunny Princess and Atticus’ design (painted by him) must be inspired by that GOTYE music video.


But who says face paint has to stay on your face?


Sometimes before their evening bath I give them face paint and they paint each other’s backs and bellies. I also like painting faces on their bellies, which can explode into Belly Theater. As A & M paint and talk to each other in funny voices I can sit at the computer and answer at least the day’s emails or doodle in my sketchbook.

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Welcome to MAMfA!

I have been teaching visual arts curriculum to college age students since 1998. First, I taught drawing and design as a graduate student at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, then professionally at California State University Long Beach and Indiana University. I am currently a painting professor at Warren Wilson College, which is nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.

In 2009, Todd Frahm (my husband and sculptor) and I welcomed our first born, Atticus. Twenty-five months later we completed our family by giving him a little sister whom he named Moon. Life has been a not so delicate balancing act ever since. Between parenting, teaching, committee meetings, household chores and the almost non-existent date night – making time to work in the studio can end up at the bottom of my to-do-list. So as soon as my kids could put pencils to paper I put them to work in the studio. Encouraging my kids to make art has allowed me to get more of my own work done, but more importantly it gives them hands on experience as they learn to navigate the world around them. In the spirit of “it takes a village” I hope to share my expertise with new parents, so that you can get more of your own work done, or at least get a few quiet moments to yourself.

Fall is a very good place to start…


These three pictures were taken on the same day during our last autumn in Indiana. I couldn’t help but notice the secondary color scheme of gradient greens to orange and that I had serendipitously dressed my son in the same fall colors.

I have been a leaf collector since childhood who has mothered an enthusiastic tree climber. Last fall in NC we collected many leaves and looked at the interesting patterns, color transitions and combinations. While observing color in nature I often think about collage assignments I give in my design classes to create the illusion of middle mixtures. Some can be so convincing you’d swear you could peel the translucent film right off! So how can we talk about mixing chromatic neutrals with a 3 yr. old?


With paint of course!


I will often tape newspaper down onto a counter top in the kitchen or on the floor in my studio. Then I tape a sheet of heavyweight paper, cardboard, or the inside of a cereal box on top of the newspaper. The tape creates a nice border for your child’s artwork, making it ready to matte, frame and gift to a doting grandparent. Note: To create an even easier release tape, so that you don’t tear your child’s artwork, take the painter’s tape and stick it to your clothing before applying it to the painting surface. The lint from your clothes will make removal easier.

So after collecting all of our leaves last year we arranged them according to hue (color) families and proceeded to organize them into a gradient row of leaves ranging from green to red to orange to yellow and back to green again. We stitched them together with some thread and adorned the new fort Todd had built for them a couple weeks earlier. We plan on making a much bigger installation this year and I may preface the project with a viewing of Andy Goldsworthy’s “Rivers and Tides”. Happy leaf hunting!


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Stone Cloud Studio Gets a New Website

Artists Todd Frahm and Lara Nguyen launch a new website for Stone Cloud Studio. Designed and developed by Independent Studios in Asheville, the site features a revamped and growing portfolio, a blog/updates segment and a lot of other great features.

A lot is going on here, and a lot more is in store – so be sure to check back often.

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